Nera Kis Stanojevic

Content Marketing Lead

Nera is the Content Marketing Lead within Flexsource Solutions, part of CPL Group. Nera has more than 6 year’s combined experience within Marketing and Graphic Design field, joined Flexsource on 1st of March 2021 as a Receptionist, Nera quickly moved her way up to Content Marketing Lead position. She has extensive knowledge of Recruitment Marketing and is responsible for planning, developing and implementing the overall company’s marketing strategy across Ireland, Northern Ireland and UK. She also closely collaborates with International Team with in country campaigns.   

Nera is hands-on with every aspect of marketing and she is committed to professional development and always exploring the latest marketing trends and technologies. 

  • 01189 594990
  • 3rd Floor, The Brickworks,35-43 Greyfriers Road, Reading, Berks RG1 1NP