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Who we are

Flexsource is a leader in the provision of Innovative Workforce Solutions across Ireland and the United Kingdom.

As part of the CPL Group, Flexsource is focused on providing best practice and professional staffing solutions to both our candidates and clients through each assignment we deliver.

Our dedicated team of specialists deliver innovative, world class workforce management and recruitment solutions across variety of sectors such as Warehouse & Distribution, Production & Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics, Freight & Shipping, Construction, Pharmaceutical & Medical, Catering & Hospitality, Retail, Managerial and more.


Flexsource was formerly established in 2002 under the name of Multi Flex, and in February 2009 was rebranded to Flexsource Solutions with the sole objective of providing Professional and Innovative Workforce Solutions to clients in the Industrial and Technical market. Flexsource has always operated as a subsidiary of Cpl Resources plc.

In years ahead, Flexsource have won the title of “Industrial Recruitment Agency of the Year” in 2010, 2013 and 2015, as well as most recent awards for “Best Workplace” and “Best in Practice Award in Industrial, Warehousing and Logistics” in 2022. Flexsource employs some of the most talented, professional and dedicated people in the business.

Worldclass workforce

We problem solve and innovate to deliver solutions and results for clients and candidates across the globe. With worldwide recruitment capabilities, Clients can work with Flexsource International to import or deploy in multiple countries without the need to deal with multiple suppliers or providers. Flexsource International offers a one stop solution reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. Our extensive experience and professional business network enables our best-in-class service solutions to consistently deliver and exceed our clients expectations.

​Flexsource International specialises in the strategic recruitment of global talent utilising our accomplished team of local recruiters who utilize innovative sourcing methods to source extraordinary talent. With our extensive network throughout the world, Flexsource International has the global capability and local expertise to cater for the recruitment needs of our clients. Cpl Resources was recently acquired by OUTSOURCING Inc, a Tokyo headquartered publicly listed organisation, which has opened up a much broader delivery capability to our clients, where combined we now have access to a global sourcing and delivery network of 250+ sister companies, across 39 countries, spanning 6 continents.

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Flexsource is a leader in the provision of Innovative Workforce Solutions across Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Our Clients

Flexsource is a recognised leader in the Light Industrial sector with a broad scope across general Warehousing & Distribution, Technical Manufacturing, Facilities, FMCG, Pharma, Catering and Aviation. The business also specialises in providing a full Managed Staffing and Managed Service to its client base. With over 3,000 staff on assignment, Flexsource is a recognised employer of choice in the Irish and UK contingent employment sector.

Vision & Values

Our vision is to be the world’s best at transforming our clients through sustainable total talent solutions. We know that we can only achieve this by working with great people who are committed to delivering for our Clients & Candidates.


It is not just about your part of the job or task, it is about seeing the whole job through to the end, “it is not done until it is all done”

Customer Focus

Excellence in everything we do for our clients and internal customers, including a commitment to innovation.


Clarity in communication, openness and a willingness to listen ensures requests are always understood.


Enabling and supporting people to maximise their potential. An entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the work we do.


Integrity, fairness, listening, cooperation, responsiveness and perceptiveness.

DE & I

As part of Cpl, we recognise that diversity is about differences, seen and unseen. Creating an inclusive environment improves the way we interact with each other, our clients, candidates, and our communities.

​Cpl has been very active in the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion space for many years but one of the first key milestones for Cpl was the establishment of our LGBT+ committee “BeProud@Cpl” in 2017. This marked the formal beginning of Cpl’s DEI journey and soon after we conducted a Cpl Sense of Us Survey. The Cpl Sense of Us Survey was a way for Cpl to gather information about the diversity of our workforce. This information was then used to form 6 key pillars of DE&I for Cpl. This included LGBTQ+, Gender Balance, Multicultural, Working Parents & Carers and Disability. From here, we devised programmes, initiatives, and events based on the information gathered in that survey.

​Cpl is extremely proud to be accredited with the Gold Award from the Irish Centre for Diversity and we are currently working towards attaining the Gold Investors in Diversity EDI Mark’ which is about ensuring excellence and EDI is part of the DNA of our organisation.

  • Gander pay gap report
  • DEI Awards
  • Sense of us
  • DEI Committee
  • Be Proud Cafes
  • Awareness day
  • Training
  • Internal Communications



Modern Slavery Policy

To find out more about our Modern Slavery Policy please download PDF provided below:

Modern Slavery Policy

CPL Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

To find out more about our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy, please follow the ink below to our parent company CPL.

Employer of Choice

Employer of Choice

Flexsource continues to be recognised as the “employer of choice” amongst our candidates as we continue to build and deliver on our commitments to provide the best practice across the market.

Fingal Business Awards

In 2022, Flexsource have won the award for "Best Workplace" on Fingal Business Awards.

ERF Awards

On ERF 2022 Awards, Flexsource Solutions have been awarded for "Best in Pratice" for Industrial, Transport and Warehousing.

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