What to consider when choosing a Recruitment agency?

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We are living in an era where high customer services levels and excellent performance is ex...

We are living in an era where high customer services levels and excellent performance is expected by clients.

In our experience, companies consider many things when choosing a recruitment agency. One of these, and often the biggest factor, is price. It’s not unusual for the cheapest quote to get the job done, but in the longer term does it really work out as good value?


When choosing a recruitment agency, you should take into consideration the following:


1.       Does their experience match your business field?

2.       Are they expert in your industry?

3.       What technology do they use?

4.       How does the hiring process look like?

5.       Is the agency fully compliant?



Does their experience match your business field?

When looking for the right Recruitment agency, you should be looking for a dedicated specialist recruitment agency who have a history of success. This means that they are well established and have the capability and financial resources to service your business needs. A good recruitment agency will also have a track record of clients and be able to provide you with relevant examples of how they have assisted similar businesses.


Are they expert in your industry?

When it comes to choosing the right Recruitment agency it is important to keep in mind their level of understanding for you type of business, it will enable you to hire suitable candidates faster, as the specialist recruitment agency will have established pipeline and similar candidates that they have been speaking with. They will also have relevant market knowledge and insight on salaries, industry, what the candidates want ect.  that you may not be aware of.


What technology do they use?

The right Recruitment agency will have the edge to edge recruitment technology and tools to provide you with the best possible candidates suitable for your business. CPL Recruitment, for example, is the first recruitment agency in Ireland to utilise AI in order to deliver best talent to our clients more efficiently. A good recruitment agency will also be looking forward to future trends that may impact their business in order to adequately prepare for them.





How does the hiring process look like?

A good recruitment agency will walk you step by step trough their recruitment process, all the way from setting up your account, to recruitment and finally placement. They will be clear in communication and won’t rush you trough process, giving you time and space to look trough T&C before you sing anything. Good agency will take time to explain everything included in the bill rate and make sure everything is fully understood before any action is taken. It is very important to find trusted recruitment agency.


Is the agency fully compliant?    

In labour industry where recruitment requirements can be last minute, but the calibre of candidate must be high and have met all the necessary criteria, it is important to ensure your agency is compliant. This means that In the likely event you are being audit you can rest assured that your labourer provider has got your back.



Partnering with a recruiter you trust is an important step for any business and should be a priority when picking an agency. This can take time and might not always be cheap, but it should never be difficult.


By spending that extra time researching your chosen provider you can be comfortable knowing that you are receiving the best service possible for your budget and company culture.


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